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Online Empowers

jprdv.com is Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV's brand site to offer products, services and media/content focused on those who live in the new distributed, remote and location-independent world, based on the principles and rationale provided in our mission statement.


The site collections provide a unified interface to access information from all our blogs from one location, organized by relevant criteria. It is also the home of our news/press statements.

Freelanstyle is the ultimate guide/resource for distributed/remote freelancing, contractual work, and the gig/task economy, for both clients and service providers.

Magnobusiness is the ultimate guide/resource for distributed/remote work, business, entrepreneurship and making money online in general.

OnlineEduReview is the ultimate guide/resource for getting the most economical, efficient and practical remote/online education and training.

Workavel is the ultimate guide/resource for travel and work combined: digital nomads, workations, location independence and leisure/work traveling.

The jprdv.com Blog contains supplementary/technical/hands-on material for Freelanstyle, Magnobusiness, OnlineEduReview and Workavel, as well as covering science, technology, and engineering topics.

jprdvTheCorner contains the personal/editorial/opinion section of jprdv.com.