W (Workavel Glossary)

W (Workavel Glossary)
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July 05, 2018


Workavel is the ultimate guide/resource for travel and work combined: digital nomads, workations, location independence and leisure/work traveling.

If covers (but not limited to):

  • Traveling (travel hacking, safety, and money saving tips).

  • How to become a digital nomad and how to maintain the lifestyle: well-being, safety health, strategy/planning, organization, entertainment and motivation.

  • Techniques, methods, advice on how to combine work and travel.

  • Best tools, guides and resources to be effective at work and getting the best of your experience abroad, or wherever you are.

  • Best destinations for economy and luxury traveling.

  • Accommodations (rentals, hotels, hostels, couch surfing, co-working spaces), food, attractions, and entertainment for all budgets.

  • Adventures and great stories.

  • And more...

For more information about Workavel, you can visit the blog FAQ page, and/or the introductory article.

Revision History

July 05, 2018: Added Workavel as term (the first term of the glossary).

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