The Best Advice to Become Really Productive as a Digital Nomad and/or Remote Worker

The Best Advice to Become Really Productive as a Digital Nomad and_or Remote Worker.

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March 19, 2019

Becoming a digital nomad, and traveling around the world while you do what you love, is something that requires some organization, discipline and, depending on your resources and your situation, adaptability.

Regardless of your level of wealth, you will always find yourself in a situation where you will have to wait. This can be while you are in the terminal of an airport, or while doing customs, or while waiting for your bus to your destination, or others. In these situations, you will realize that you have time available where you can be productive. If you already live a lifestyle in which you travel a lot, you already know this.

The natural thing to do is to reach your laptops and start doing some work. Doing that sometimes it is possible, but in more than one occasion, this won't be practical: you will find yourself in a business coach seat, or in a bus, or waiting for unscheduled transportation.

If you require your computer to earn income (i.e., desktop time trackers from remote freelancing services), the risk is worth taking. This is true, always that you consider that you can perform the work you are given, in that way, you are offering honest work to your client because he, or she, is paying for your time assuming that during the time you will perform work in your full capabilities.

In these situations, it is highly likely that you already realized that you can do some work on your mobile device. It is highly likely that you have a mobile that can enable you to do some work. An iPhone (or an Android device), a couple of years old at most, is more than capable of running most of the current services.

You probably do have the mobile applications of the tools that you use in your laptop (because of curiosity, or you just directly download the app on the spot, assuming you have an internet connection). You find yourself starting to work in your devices, only to realize that while we are using the tools, we are spending most of the time to getting acquainted with the mobile experience, than actually doing real work. And we find ourselves having spent that moment with low productivity (considering that perhaps we could have done something entirely different), and finally, preferring just to watch our social networks or resource to gaming.

These days, remote devices are treated as first-class citizens by many companies, and many tools offer full (or close to full experiences) for their software and services in all devices. But of course, the tool changes because of the form factor changes.

For these reasons, to increase your productivity, wherever you are, you should make working on a mobile device a high priority task and activity. You should even make sure that working from a mobile device is part of your regular routine (regardless you need to do it, or not).

If you do this, you will find yourself knowing what to do during those idle times, and more than anything, taking full advantage of them, so you can enjoy when the time to enjoy comes, and have less work when the time to be productive arrives.

First of all, you should investigate the mobile versions of all the tools that you use (if they have one) and determine if training yourself in their use is worth your time. Because although it is true that many services treat mobile as their primary development platform, others just have their applications there as a selling point, and the mobile versions of the service are too limited, and not worth learning.

If you identify that a mobile version is worth spending time using, then start spending some 5-10 percent of your weekly time initially in doing some work on mobile. Then, if you find great success, make it 20 percent and just keep it there.

In most cases, using a service in a computer (laptop) will always be more productive than working on the mobile device. But by being adept in the mobile version you achieve several things:

  • If you stop using the mobile version for some time, changes will be made that you won't be used to. By using the mobile versions weekly, you will always have the versatility to work on the device and get used to the changes that they make

  • Now, when those idle times happen, even instead of taking your laptop and going through the process of starting your machine, finding a place where you are comfortable, etc. Now you just can make your cellphone, enter to the corresponding application and start being productive with idle time, so you have less to worry when it is time to enjoy.

So learning how to be productive in your mobile device is perhaps one of the best things that you can do during idle times, that during your adventures around the world, will happen a lot.


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