I would like to thank God for His Infinite Love, Mercy and Compassion. God, I trust You... 

I would like to thank my family for loving me so much and never giving up on me on the hardest times. Thank you for giving me all the strength, the wisdom and the love that I need. I want you to know that you are always in my prayers and in my mind... always. You are the only reason that I need for never letting go. I love you... I love you so much. 

i would like to thank all my friends for being there for me and sharing with me through all my life... 

For those that are far: thank you for all the good moments that today make me a whole. Thank you for all those memories that keep me smiling. I know we will meet each other to enjoy and laugh about all those moments that we lived together... and we will build new ones.

For those that are near: Thank you for all your support and taking care of me. I will take these moments with me wherever I go. It is you who make hard times go smoothly and good times rock harder. 

To my mentors: Thank you very much for inspiring me and for your knowledge and wisdom... you did not only taught me how to be a good professional, but how to become a better person as well. Thank you for pushing me to give my best and at the same time, for awakening and nurturing the love for what I do. 

True friends never say goodbye... true friends say: see you later. That is not changed by anything... not even death. For those that left: That you for being one of the reasons for always pushing forward... thank you for teaching me lessons about living that those who live cannot. I miss you and you will never be forgotten. We will meet again... but in a long time, I hope. 

For those that I have worked with and shared: Thank you for becoming my friends and showing me that there is always room for improvement. I appreciate and treasure all your professional and personal advice. Hopefully we will see each other in a new engineering team, facing new challenges an succeeding in our duty of providing better services to our clients, users and the community. 

Finally, but not less important, I would like to thank you for reading this and visiting the site. I hope you enjoy it, together with our products and services. I truly hope you enjoy it and find everything I provide useful and suitable to your needs. I would like to send you my best wishes and wish you great success in your endeavors. 

God bless you... God bless us all. 


Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV