Last Update: March 23th, 2017

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What is stands for Juan Pablo Rodriguez Diaz Villamil, the owner and maintainer of this site/service. This is his personal website: a place where he aims to empower and help individuals uncover their maximum potential and reach their goals through products, services, media and content tailored for such purpose.

You can see the about us section for our mission statement.

If you have additional questions, we hope that this FAQ helps you find the answers you are looking for.

Finally, if you have a question that is not answered by the about us section and this section, you can always contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions as fast as possible.

What's Up With The Cookie Notification Pop-Up When I Entered This Site For The First Time?

The EU (European Union) requires sites that use cookies to notify the users about it before they venture into the site. You can get more information about what has been dubbed the "Cookie Law" from here: or also from our cookie policy.

Note that it is safe to say that at least 90% of the sites you visit use cookies, but the reason that you don't get notified at the spot is because their governing laws do not require the notification. If you are European, at this point you are already familiar with this notification, but if you are American or from another region, this perhaps is somewhat new to you.

Although we are not required by our governing laws to post the cookie notice, as users of other sites ourselves, we do like those notifications in other sites when they are available, therefore we are following suit.

What Do You Currently Use Cookies For?

Well, pretty much for what 90% of blogs / sites use it for: analytics, advertisement and saving user preferences. All this is of crucial importance in order to optimize your overall experience with our site. Note that the cookie policy on this site contains more information about cookies, just in case you want to know more.