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Last Update: Mar 21st, 2018

* Note: If you have a question that is not answered here (regarding the site as a whole), please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that this is the FAQ for the entire site and each blog has it's own FAQ (as well as the services). If you have a question about a specific blog, that would be the best to look. So you can always visit the FAQs for Freelanstyle, Magnobusiness, Workavel, OnlineEduReview, Blog and the jprdvTheCorner if you have a specific question regarding those blogs. Also, if you are interested in my services as a freelancer/contractor, there is also an FAQ for the freelancing/contract work services that I provide.

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What is is Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV's personal brand site, where he offers products, services and content/media focused on those who live in the new distributed, remote and location-independent world.

Our objective which our blog ecosystem is to become the Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy equivalent to the new distributed, remote and location independent world.

It's main focus includes business (remote-centric logistics, online presence establishment, project/company distribute management and oversight, software tools, scheduling, scaling/growth, passive/active online income models, entrepreneurship as solopreneurship/do-it-yourself, digital marketing/social media branding), working (freelancing/contract work for both client and service providers, gig/task economy), living (digital nomad, work-from-home, work-from-anywhere, co-working, lifestyle, well-being, health, entertainment, motivation), traveling (travel hacking, safety and money saving tips, best destinations, adventures, experiences and great stories), learning (mooc, or massive online open courses, educational tools, resources and platforms: cheap, fast and efficient skill acquisition), science, engineering, technology for the new world: those who live in it or want to transition into it.

What's Up With The Cookie Notification Pop-Up When I Entered This Site For The First Time?

The EU (European Union) requires web sites that use cookies to notify the users about it before they venture into the site. You can get more information about what has been dubbed the "Cookie Law" from here: or also from our cookie policy.

Note that it is safe to say that at least 90% of the sites you visit use cookies, but the reason that you don't get notified on the spot (as we do) is because some governing laws do not require the notification. If you are European, you are already familiar with this notification, but if you are American or from another region, this perhaps is somewhat new to you.

Although we are not required by our governing laws to post the cookie notices, we do like those notifications in other sites when they are available, because it shows transparency, therefore we do the same.

What Do You Currently Use Cookies For?

Well, pretty much for what 90% of blogs / sites use it for: analytics, advertisement and saving user preferences. This is of crucial importance in order to optimize your overall experience with our site. Note that the cookie policy on this site contains more information about cookies, just in case you want to know more.