What is jprdv.com?

What is jprdv.com

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February 25, 2019

jprdv.com is Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV's brand site, where he offers products, services, and content/media focused on those who live in the new distributed, remote and location-independent world.

Our objective with our blog ecosystem is to become the Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy equivalent for the new distributed, remote and location-independent world.

It's primary focus includes business (remote-centric logistics, online presence establishment, project / company distributed management and oversight, software tools, scheduling, scaling / growth, passive/active online income models, entrepreneurship as solopreneurship / do-it-yourself, digital marketing / social media and branding), working (freelancing/contract work for both clients and service providers, gig / task economy), living (digital nomad, work-from-home, co-working, lifestyle, well-being, health, entertainment, motivation), traveling (travel hacking, safety and money saving tips, best destinations, adventures, experiences and great stories), learning (MOOC, or massive online open courses, educational tools, resources and platforms: cheap, fast and efficient skill acquisition), science, engineering, technology and other topics for the new world: those who live in it or want to transition into it.

For such purpose, we are building ultimate resource/guides that are meant to be "safe havens" with trustworthy and reliable information, and genuinely innovative products and services. All these based on research, personal experimentation and personal experience in this world, to assist all in achieving their goals, as well as provide excellent education and resources right into your social network of preference.


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