Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

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April 18, 2018

Our mission is to become the definitive resource for remote / distributed workers, business owners and entrepreneurs, in a remote, distributed and location independent world where online empowers, through our products, services, and media/content. To help them achieve their goals, improve their lives and fulfill their dreams and purpose so that the world can benefit from their accomplishments, the solutions and gain that they believe they can provide to the world. Most importantly, our mission is to become a voice of consciousness in people about the importance of giving and helping others in need while we assist them and become instrumental in their success.

We aim to be a guide to those transitioning to the new paradigm of living and working (remote, distributed and location independent), so they can tackle the unique challenges and take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities available to them. As well as provide a wealth of additional information to those that already live in the previously mentioned world.

Mission Statement Foundation / Background

Mission Statement Foundation / Background

Even if years have passed since the invention of the Internet and since we have made it a regular part of our lives, we are continually re-discovering the way we use it, as new services make use of it in new innovative ways. Also as the Internet becomes more capable (faster, more reliable, among other factors), the Internet will become an entirely different system as years come and will become part of our lives in new ways we are not expecting.

Think how Facebook has changed the way we keep in touch with friends (and lately how that has evolved to be even our source of news and events, at least for many), how Google has changed the way we look for information. Also think how Netflix has changed the way we watch movies, how YouTube has changed the way we entertain ourselves, how Amazon has changed the way we purchase products, how Upwork has changed the way we find opportunities and work. The previously mentioned is a shortlist which makes vast omissions, but you get the idea. The Internet has, and its providing, a continuously expanding list of services/products that are continually reshaping the way we do things, and we live our lives. More importantly, it is increasing the opportunities we have as individuals to achieve our goals, or bringing new challenges that we need to address.

There are some undesirable side effects of being "constantly online," and new technologies and services bring new dangers and issues. After comparing the pros and cons, nevertheless, we think most of us will have to agree that the balance is hugely tilted towards the positive side, as it is leveling the field for all the inhabitants in the world.

The change previously mentioned is more fundamental, nevertheless, as all this innovation has not only changed the way we live but what we are capable of accomplishing as individuals and as growing companies. Now, we have more reach (exponential) as our voice/message gets amplified by social media: phenomena like memes and viral posts/videos/messages can be produced by anybody, without much work and watched by millions. We have more mobility/flexibility to do what we want (we can choose where we work and our schedule a trend that is on the rise, but with some challenges). We can create more with less effort (and at a lower cost). We can access better talent around the world. We have access to better software/ tools/services that can give us a crucial advantage over direct competitors. We can make additional income based on our passions between other "superpowers" (because that is what they are if we know how to use them properly) that we take for granted, which can significantly increase our happiness, quality of life and success. Some are already taking advantage of all the previously mentioned.


in the new remote, distributed and location-independent World, you can work from anywhere ... and most of the time, you have to.

in the new remote, distributed and location-independent World, you can work from anywhere ... and most of the time, you have to.

We always wondered how we could improve the world and make it a better place for all of us. Here, we believe that these innovations are the answer. We think that ideas brought to practical applications by dreamers attempting to address the needs of others in society, in general, is the answer. We need more people to succeed so they can create new products and services that can further shape and improve our lives. Products and services that make things easier for us that can magnify our ability to take care of what is reasonable and fair that help us in our quest to make a genuine difference in the world and give opportunities and light to those in need. We need revolutionary solutions that represent a win-win for everybody. Those that bright and driven individuals can attain to inspire others to do the same, through their success.

We believe we all have the potential to be great and to be champions of humanity. Our limiting beliefs have crippled us, not realizing (or not aware) that because of the innovation previously mentioned, we have never been more empowered and capable of taking significant action and achieving great things with such low risk and investment. We are not saying it is easy, as it entails a lot of work, challenges, and struggles toward making any vision a reality. What we are saying is that there is a new and improved variety of tools, information, and support at your disposal that weren't available in previous years (and it is continuously improving). These can be crucial and instrumental in reaching your goals: achieving financial independence, location independence, finding additional revenue streams, taking your passions to the next level, making new products/services, being in control of your time/schedule, finding better talent, etc.

Some people are entirely living in a world in a new world where they do have multiple revenue streams, control (for the most part) their time and their location, and follow their passion, so they work considerably more than the rest, giving them a massive advantage over others. But more importantly, as they have enormous control over their destiny (for better or worse), they don't miss the great things that life has to offer them.

This new way of living is spreading (and we believe that in years to come it will almost become a norm in many places), as many companies are opting for remote workers (to save on infrastructure). They are also using freelancers (flexible workforce) to be able to augment or reduce their productivity based on their budget and needs. It is spreading as for many individuals it makes more sense to have control of their lifestyle than the one dictated by traditional companies because they consider they can succeed that way.


As long as you have a connected device with you, there is always something to be done.... anywhere. The lines between work and personal life are blurry.

As long as you have a connected device with you, there is always something to be done.... anywhere. The lines between work and personal life are blurry.

In a world filled with new challenges and growing dangers, humanitarian crises, and increased seclusion and indifference towards the unfortunate and those in real need, we need these innovators and champions of the people to rise. We need to provide them with excellent resources, especially to those who want to change the world, or want to improve people's lives and to provide them with exceptional resources delivering a message of charity and support to others, above commercial gain.

This world needs heroes that are kind to the world, and the only way to do this is to help them achieve their goals with the same kindness that we want them to help others.

The reason is simple: everything that happens anywhere in the world affects us (sooner or later): if it doesn't affect you now, it will happen in the future. The worst part is that if it doesn't affect you in the future, it will change the world you leave to your children, or the children of your relatives and those you love. We cannot be indifferent to the suffering of the world. Even if you don't do it for compassion (as we believe we all should), it will eventually affect your ability to pursue your happiness and fulfillment, and it will deteriorate your safety, your health, your well-being or the one of those you care.

The Way We Will Achieve Our Objectives

For now, we are attempting to create a haven (a resource/guide that you can trust and is reliable, based on real experience, research, and experimentation) for everybody. Also a  community, great products, services and media/content for those innovators, entrepreneurs, businessman, workers, and everybody that want to do of the world a better place by following their passions.

And by following their passion and succeeding, perhaps they will solve fundamental problems in the world. Maybe they will give us the next product, innovation, and initiative that will end hunger by improving food production, eliminate violence and intolerance, cure diseases, clean our environment, give everybody access to better education and training, increase our productivity, safety, entertain us in new ways, etc. Not all visions and dreams are created equal, but they are equally important in moving us all forward.

We are here to help those that are making the transition or those that are already living in this distributed, remote and location independent world. That new world is beautiful, but it is not perfect, more like a "work in progress," since it struggles in the boundaries of the traditional one. However, the truth is that it operates so differently than what many are used to, that to adapt to it you must reshape yourself as the new tools reshape you. Most importantly, it has so many world-changing repercussions that must be taken into consideration, and we will try to address them all as we go, and as they come along.

We are betting on those that live, or want to transition, into the new world: we are focusing on the distributed/remote life, work, business, and entrepreneurship and helping people achieve location independence so they can have more control of their resources and their time to achieve their goals.

So this is our message to you:

We believe in you. We believe in your capacity to change the world, so don't give up... don't surrender... because we, the world, need you to succeed, and we need you to bring your art, ideas, innovations, solutions, products, passion, talent and your dreams into reality and take them to the next level, so we can all benefit from them. When someone shines in benefit of others, we all get illuminated. So show us your light, so we can see through the road that will lead us to find our own.

All the previously mentioned is what we stand because we are all in this together and we hope that everything we provide becomes instrumental to your success and your well-being.

We Will Need Your Help

We need to make this project self-sustainable so it can last and improve in years to come. And we are working on that.

There are a variety of ways in which you can help us achieve our mission statement, which does not require you to invest in us but are equally instrumental in achieving our goals. And of those, many do not need any capital investment on your behalf, but just a little of your time.

Some of these include (but not limited to):
- Follow us on social media so that we can have social proof, and that causes more people to follow us.
- Share our articles in your social outlets if you like them. If you don't, please let us know how we can improve.
- If you have Reddit or StumbleUpon or know of a place where you consider our content will be valuable to others, submit our content, so it reaches a broader audience.
- Keep visiting the site, as we will not automatically release all the material we made on social media, but on the website, we denote our new and updated content.
- If you think you know a way in which we can gain some exposure, we would be thankful if you can help us leverage that opportunity.
- If you are an influencer, a shout to make us known will be incredibly appreciated.

And finally, if you want to support us financially, we have a Patreon campaign, where we are attempting to raise a constant revenue stream to maintain the initiatives of the site (mainly the blog ecosystem). All capital raised through that campaign will be re-invested in this initiative entirely: that means more and better content, and finding ways of reaching a new audience. As we move forward, your increased contribution will give you some extras in return, as well as the time you supported our cause will be taken into consideration and rewarded.

We are making our part to achieve that ourselves for the site, but your financial support is a clear vote and support to our mission and especially at the beginning more than welcomed, but incredibly appreciated, as it brings stability to our revenue. This stable income will allow us to make investments with lower risk.

Thank you for your time.


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