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Our mission is to become the definitive resource for remote / distributed workers, business owners and entrepreneurs, in a remote, distributed and location independent world where online empowers.

To help them achieve their goals, improve their lives and fulfill their dreams and purpose, so the world can benefit from their accomplishments, by providing them the best products, services and media content. Also to provide guidance to those transitioning to the new paradigm of living and working (remote, distributed and location independent), so they can tackle the new challenges and take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities available to them.

For such purpose, we are building ultimate resource/guides that are meant to be "safe havens" with trustworthy, reliable and engaging information, and true innovative products and services based on research, personal experimentation and experience in this remote, distributed and location independent world (from a person that already lives in it), and to deliver a message of achieving goals in benefit of human kind above commercial gain.

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Please read the article "Our mission statement" for additional information about or mission statement.

Home > About Us