Our mission is to empower and help individuals and companies reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals through products, services, media and content tailored for such purpose, taking advantage of the wealth of resources that the Internet provides and it's innovation.

Mission Statement Foundation / Background

Even if years have passed since the invention of the Internet and since we have made it a regular part of our lives, we are constantly re-discovering the way we use it, as new services appear that make use of it in new and innovative ways.

Think how Facebook has changed the way we keep in touch with friends, how Google has changed the way we look for information, how Netflix has changed the way we watch movies, how YouTube has changed the way we entertain, learn and educate ourselves, how Amazon has changed the way we purchase products. This is a shortlist which makes huge omissions, but you get the idea: the Internet has, and is providing, a continuous expanding list of services / products that are constantly reshaping the way we do things. Although there are some undesirable negative side effects, after comparing the pros and cons, most of us must agree that the balance is hugely tilted towards the positive side.

The change previously mentioned is more fundamental, nevertheless, as all this innovation has not only changed the way we live, but what we are capable of accomplishing as individuals and/or as growing companies: We have more reach (exponential) as our voice/message gets amplified by social media, we have more mobility, we can create more with less effort (and at a lower cost), we can access better talent around the world, we have access to better software / tools / services, we can make additional income based on our passions ...between other "superpowers" that we take for granted, which can greatly increase our happiness and quality of life.

We always have wondered how can we improve the world and make it a better place for all of us. We believe that these innovations are the answer. We need more people to succeed so they can create new products and services that can further shape and improve our lives, that make things simpler for us, that can magnify our ability to take care of what is good and fair and help us in our quest to make a good difference in the world.

We believe we all have the potential to be great and to be the champions of humanity. But we have been crippled by our limiting beliefs, not realizing that because of all the innovation previously mentioned, we have never being more empowered and capable of taking big action with such low risk and investment. We are not saying it is easy, as there is a lot of work, challenges and struggles towards making our visions a reality. We are saying that there is a new and improved variety of tool, information and support at your disposal that weren't available in previous years, that can be crucial and instrumental in reaching your goals.

In a world filled with new challenges and growing dangers, humanitarian crises, and increased seclusion and indifference towards the misfortune and those in real need, we need to provide a great resource for all of us, especially to those who want to change the world, or want to improve other people's lives (because providing a better life to those directly around us is worth doing). The reason is simple: everything that happens anywhere in the world affect us (sooner or later): if it doesn't affect you now, it will in the future. The worst part is that if it doesn't affect you in the future, it will affect the world you leave to your children, or the children of your familiars and those you love. We cannot be indifferent to the suffering of the world, because even if you don't do it for compassion (as we believe we all should), it will eventually affect your ability to pursue your personal happiness and fulfillment, or the one of those that you care about.

Se we are attempting to create a "safe haven", a community, great products, services and content for those innovators, entrepreneurs, businessman, workers and everybody that want to do of the world a better place by following their passions and/or improving their lives and the ones of those around them, so they can give us the next product, innovation and/or initiative that perhaps will end hunger by improving food production, eliminate violence, cure diseases, clean our environment, give everybody access to better education and training, increase our production, improve our safety, entertain us in new ways etc. Not all visions are created equal, but they are equally important in moving us all forward.  

So this is our message to you:

We believe in you ... we believe in your capacity of changing the world ... so don't give up ... don't surrender ... because we need you to succeed, and we need you to bring your ideas and your dreams into reality, so we can all benefit from your talent ...from what you believe you are destined to do in the world and in your life.

This is what we stand for... because we are all in this together and we hope that everything we provide becomes instrumental to your success and your well being.

Welcome to jprdv.com. My best wishes, always.