What is Magnobusiness?

Magnobusiness is the ultimate guide for distributed/remote work, business, entrepreneurship and making money online in general.

It covers (but not limited to):

  • For companies and businesses:

    • Remote-centric/remote-first/distributed business creation (startup) and/or transitioning.

    • Online presence establishment (for local and global businesses).

    • Best software tools and services for remote-centric/remote-first/distributed businesses.

    • Online diversification/investments.

  • For individuals:

    • Entrepreneurship as solopreneurship and do-it-yourself (methodologies, tools, etc.).

    • Passive/active online income generation models: alt-coins/cryptocurrencies trading/investing, forex trading, blogging/vlogging, affiliate marketing, training/coaching, E-commerce; digital/physical goods (books, courses, photography, images, videos, software/apps/services, etc.) generation, selling and/or rending.

    • Flipping and intermediary/middle-man operations.

  • For both:

    • Branding, digital marketing and social media/networking.

    • Project scheduling, logistics, scaling and growth.

    • Remote worker ("work-from-home" or "work-from-anywhere") lifestyle: well-being, health, planning/strategy, organization, entertainment and motivation.

    • Innovation in the marketplace.

    • And more...

Magnobusiness is the ultimate guide/resource for distributed/remote work, business and entrepreneurship and making money online in general.

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