Welcome to jprdvTheCorner: The personal/editorial/opinion section of the site.

Welcome to jprdvTheCorner

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January 09, 2019

Let's continue with the blog introductions, shall we? (After a long break I must admit, sorry about that). Each blog has an introductory/welcome post, and this one's for jprdvTheCorner.

jprdvTheCorner contains the personal/editorial/opinion section of jprdv.com, which support the message provided in our mission statement: to become the definitive resource for remote / distributed workers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, in a remote, distributed and location independent world where online empowers.

Also here, Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV (me) shares personal information, lessons, experiences, stories, entertainment with the community … or pretty much anything else that might not be considered suitable to include in other blogs, based on the universal message of jprdv.com, or perhaps just based on my mood at the moment :-).

When I created jprdv.com, more than ten years ago (yes, that long), I always had the idea that there would be a section on the right upper corner of the site, somewhat hidden, that when accessed would take you a "secret section" of the website. A section where I would share personal aspects of my life (at a time where social networks weren't so ubiquitous, so sharing wasn't that easy to do), for those that were interested.

Initially, the name of this section of the site was going to be just “The Corner.” Later, considering how common the name is, I changed it to jprdvTheCorner. For those that don’t know computer programming: there is a technique called “Hungarian Notation,” where you use a prefix in the variable name to either identify the namespace to where they belong (when namespaces are not a feature of the language) or the type of data that it contains. So the initial part of jprdvTheCorner means that is part of jprdv.com.

As jprdv.com took shape over the years and as my main interests and passions settled in (which in turn, they happen to be reflected in all the blogs in jprdv.com), I realized that reinforcing the message based on opinion/editorial sections/article of the entire site is going to be the primary objective of this blog.

With the other blogs, I am attempting to make articles that are as informative, researched and unbiased as possible (using articles revisions to improve and update them with time always). And I say “as possible,” because I do consider that it is impossible to make an impartial article without years of research, scientific methods and other techniques that guarantee such results. But additionally, not adding my own experiences to the posts to reinforce a concept (which I consider that part of the reason somebody would read them), defeats the point of writing the article in the first place.

Nevertheless, there are some points of view regarding all the blogs that are just opinions (as much as I believe them to be true, and there is some evidence to support them). Some of these include: where is freelancing going, the meaning of the distributed business and how is changing, the non-traditional online remote education as the new paradigm for general education,  etc. Therefore, I will write about that in this blog for those who care to read about it.

Additionally, I will place great importance to the “inner game” because I consider that it is the most critical aspect of the success of people and their happiness. It is what makes the difference in everything you do, and the way you live.

And I would love to tell you that having the right “inner game” guarantees success, but that is not true… but it increases your chances. What having the right “inner game” guarantees though, is that you will always go towards your goals being happy, energized, with the right attitude, feeling complete and understanding the meaning, and the use, of the good and bad things that happen to you along the way.

Since I have formally started to work in my mind and spirit (i.e., my own inner game), and implement many techniques that I am trying to pass to the community, I have become more successful, happier and more focused. More importantly, I was able to achieve things that I never thought I could. And although I am always looking to get to the “next level,” I am grateful for most of what is happening in my life and dealing with the good and the bad with the correct attitude. Some of these techniques are based on formal studies of social skills, confidence, emotional intelligence, reframing, self-awareness, and others.

Perhaps, having the right “inner game” has more importance through adversity, than in your day to day routine. The truth is that when you are trying to achieve something that is greater than what you thought that you could accomplish and that outside of your “comfort zone”, you are  inevitably going to be let down by specific results, and many things will just won’t go your way, because that is how life is.

Dangerous situations, disasters, heartbreaks, failed businesses, projects, relationships, a state of general dissatisfaction, in many cases, you won’t be able to avoid (but you will become better at it with time). The only thing that is entirely in your control about those is how you react to them, and what are the pieces of wisdom, lessons, and corrections these are bringing to your life, and take the necessary steps to change to turn things around if it is required.

With more notoriety, and as a personal passion of mine, have been the implementation of organizational schemes, that in turn, have changed my entire life for the best (drastically), and some that didn’t work, but have taught me valuable lessons. These organizational schemes are different in many ways of the traditional ones, in that they have been shaped to the distributed, remote and location independent life, in which I live.  

Many things that I used to improve myself and my “inner game,” I have learned by reading, experimenting, and watching Udemy courses (which has virtually replaced all my entertainment consumption, that is not traveling). The objective of OnlineEduReview is to give you a tour of the best ones I found out there.

I have also gathered organizational and management techniques, which have been particularly useful for me as a solopreneur. I have experimented with a wealth of them… and as you might have imagined at this point, some have worked, and some have not (like most things in life). But in whatever you do, how you implement your vision is the key for longevity for your view and achievement of your goals long term.

Therefore, I will also like to share these techniques, some which I guarantee you that they will help you as soon as you start implementing them (perhaps change your life), to assist you in any of your endeavors. Some of these have changed my vision in life and my productivity all around, and if you are struggling there, I hope I can be of help.

And finally, in this blog, I will also share anything else that does not fit in the other blogs that I would like to share with the community, just because sharing a little of who you are is nice. I will do my best to ensure that this content is relevant to the whole jprdv.com scheme, but no promises there…

Well, I hope you enjoy this blog, and I see you again in the next post.


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