Welcome to Freelanstyle: Opportunity Made Ubiquitious

Welcome to Freelanstyle: Opportunity made Ubiquitous

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February 25, 2019

Freelanstyle is the ultimate guide/resource for distributed/remote freelancing, contractual work, and the gig/task economy, for both clients and service providers.

It covers (but not limited to):

  • For clients:

    • How to use remote/online freelancing and gig/task services properly and maximize the results and experience.

    • Identify the best remote/online workforce and/or service providers.

    • Define whether to use remote workers/gig/task services or when to avoid them.

    • Techniques for getting the best out of freelancers, contract workers, gig/task services and how to deal with special circumstances.

    • Methods for managing multiple distributed freelancer/contract workers and teams.

  • For freelancers/contract workers and gig/task service providers:

    • Information about getting started and becoming successful in your trade.

    • How to stand out from the competition and increase exposure and market reach.

    • Techniques for maximizing earnings (i.e., making more money) and the quality of the provided work and service.

    • Dealing with the remote worker lifestyle (the advantages and the challenges) in your "work-from-home" or "work-from-anywhere" operation: well-being, health, planning/strategy, organization, entertainment, and motivation.

    • Increasing your throughput through sub-contracting.

  • For both:

    • The best resources, tools, and platforms for distributed work.

    • Scaling your operation (dealing with multiple distributed workers/services/clients at any scale).

    • Building and increasing your online networking capabilities.

In short: for clients, Freelanstyle offers everything you need to know for successfully hiring, working with, and managing remote workers/services; and for freelance/contract workers and gig/task economy entrepreneurs, everything you need to know to become a magnificent remote/online service provider


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