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Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV Freelancing / Contract Work

Current Status / Availability

(Last Update: Jan 17th, 2018)

Currently not available for contracting.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, but make sure you read the FAQ and Pricing Scheme.


IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV offers freelancing/contract work services focused on complete entrepreneurial solutions, from the creation of products/applications/systems specification/requirements, development of software/hardware component and/or complete implementation, to their maintenance, scalability and continuous improvement.

Because of his commitment to personal development, education, skill improvement and offering clients a more comprehensive service, he also provides support for activities that are key to any endeavor like social media, marketing campaigns, product specifications, business proposals and strategies. 

All these aiming to become the only resource that you need to get a project from an idea to a working and commercially viable implementation.

His proven experience, high-profile achievements and education on cross-domain technological topics demonstrate his ability to innovate, integrate, design and improve broad range of computer-based systems and tackle the most complex challenges.

A Real Full-Time Professional Freelancer

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

A full-time freelancer since February, 2014. From that time, the maximum period that I have been without a client that I has been four weeks. All my trajectory, working in more than 40 projects for more than 10 clients around the globe in projects of all sorts (ranging from simple utility scripts, to complex/distributed systems with several remote teams), attaining excellent reviews and recommendations, has resulted in an outstanding reputation and high service demand from clients around the world, as I became well established and highly regarded in a system where engineers, developers, students, professionals, scientists from around the globe offer their services in a leveled plain field. In this system, just those that truly offer the best result, implementations and experience to their clients stand out, and that is what I have done as it can be seen in my profiles in the two main freelancing sites: Upwork and

As a result of the previously mentioned, freelancing has been my core business and main source of income since then. As I love every aspect of the work dynamic, it's evolution through the years, exciting tendencies / opportunities (as I believe that it is becoming the new paradigm of work of the 21st century), outstanding growth and the success that I had derived from the passion and freedom to excel in my craft, I am more than happy and realized to be, and continuing to be, a full-time freelancer.

This is considerably different from other freelancers you may find on the market:

  • Other freelancers might be new to the craft, therefore, don't understand what the client needs, nor the expected work dynamic. 

As it can be seen in my freelancing / contract historytestimonials of happy customers and the high ratings and qualifications that I hold in Upwork and, there is a proven record of my ability to, not only fulfilling my client expectations, but to exceeding them. 

As a result, more than 95% of my clients have contact me again for additional work at least once.

  • Other freelancers might be looking to scam you and/or might have a dubious reputation.

As it can be seen in this site and in my social professional profiles (Upwork, and LinkedIn), you will be able to observe that my online presence is only accompanied with proven experience and demonstrable achievements that are consistent across all sites. Additionally, you can find complete social media profiles where I carry personal branding campaigns (some of them are not fully developed, but there are plans in the future to do so):

  • Other freelancers might just be looking to make "earnings above it all", so they will do the minimum necessary, won't go the extra mile and might leave you if they find a higher bidder, which will always make you feel uneasy and insecure about your endeavor.

As you will be able to read in the Freelancing/Contract Work FAQ, part of becoming an exceptional freelancer is being able to give clients peace of mind, results, continuity and trustworthiness. Pricing, rates and expectations (maximum and minimums, as well as adjusting factors) are posted online and available to the public so there are no surprises, but more importantly, that all my clients know that they will be treated the same, either an individual or large corporation. As long as conditions agreed upon are respected, there is no reason to leave a client until my services are no longer required (as I also value income stability like anybody else), since loyalty is always good business and the best that you can provide your client to give her/him or them an enhanced experience.

  • Other freelancers might leave your project right in the middle because they might be doing freelancing just until they find a "permanent" position (i.e. regular work) elsewhere.

As mentioned before, freelancing is my core business, being a freelancer is my permanent / regular work.

  • Other freelancers might not have the necessary language proficiency (English) and interpersonal skills that are required for a smooth progress,

As it can be seen in my CV, specifically in my core education and professional experience, I have lived in the U.S. for around ten years (did both my Bachelor and Master of Science degrees there, and all my work experience prior to becoming a full-time freelancer, and most of my client's have been english speakers since then). Although I do have somewhat of an accent (Spanish is my native language), this has never affected my ability to create great impressions and make deep business and personal relations/connections. If you don't believe me, let's talk through Skype, Google Hangouts, or any medium you find convenient, so you can take conclusions on your own.

Well, if you haven't noticed, I set up a great opportunity for us to connect professionally, so send me a message, to set up our meeting, you can also connect with me through LinkedIn.

  • Other freelancers might not have any experience to showcase, which might be an indication that they won't be able to deliver the results you might be looking for.

As you keep exploring, you will see that my 15 years of education / experience combined derived in high-profile accomplishments with Fortune 500 clients, high-end power control industry and individuals/companies around the globe, outstanding skills / assessments scores, certifications and a long track of client/customer satisfaction attained are proof of my commitment of always giving my best, passionate and thoughtful work and always improving my skills to continue assisting my clients reach their goals in better and more efficient ways.

As a full-time freelancer, my time and schedule are entirely adaptable to your necessities and needs. 

The Freelancer / Contract Work History page contains the listing of all my freelancing contracts (from all remote freelancing platforms combined, as well as private/particular contracts) since I have started providing my services as a full-time freelancer (this does not include my professional experience before freelancing, which can be viewed here). All these to provide clients an easy way to assess my freelancing career in its entirety.

If you are convinced and don't need to keep reading, send me a message so I can tell you all the reasons I consider we will enjoy working together. And if you are not convinced, send me a message anyway so I can clear any doubts you have or connect with me through LinkedIn.

Outstanding Client Satisfaction, Recommendations and Ratings

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

Before I keep pointing out additional reasons why I consider I am the freelancer / contract worker you will love and always will want to work with, let's hear what my previous clients have to say. This is a small sample:

Note: Reviews posted here are verbatim copies of the original posts as they were written, therefore grammatical errors are present, but have not been corrected on purpose.

"Juan has been a great asset to our team. He is the engine of the project and has been steadfast in his work. We are very thankful to have met Juan as he has raised the engineering bar super high for us and we are always happy to work with him again."

"Juan is a great developer. He has the foresight to create not only what you have originally asked for, but supporting and improved features as well. Very talented and very nice. Everything a coder should be."

"Juan sets the standard for freelancer developers. He is very skilled in creating a resilient system in a timely manner I am lucky to have found him."

"Juan is hard working and committed without the extra overhead of the usual freelancers. I'm glad that we came across."

"Component, punctual, great communication, goes the extra mile, clear and concise time tracking, solid experience; education in the real world. 1 of the best freelancer programmers..."

... and these are just a few selected reviews of the testimonials page, where you can find these and many other reviews that I have gathered through remote freelancing platforms, with the links to the source where they have been posted (and you will see that even the testimonials page does not contain all great reviews).

Visiting my Upwork and profiles will show you that all the previously mentioned have resulted in almost flawless satisfaction scores as a consequence of being an indispensable enabler for my clients, by providing them with great guidance, advice, attitude and great results.

What is the Secret?

It is quite simple: genuinely caring about your client and project's success and well-being.

That involves always treating clients with education, respect, humility and kindness at all times and becoming a true member of the team. Nobody wants to deal with unpleasant people (no matter the situation) and with somebody that just simply cares about the money (for me is about creating things I am proud of, solving puzzles, challenges and developing great personal and professional bonds with people), so I made a personal goal of making sure that the interaction that I have with the client is the highlight of her/his day, as I aim to bring always a can-do attitude, positivity mindset and encouraging behavior to the table.

Additionally, always being straightforward, honest and have a common ground/understanding with clients since the beginning is the foundation for a successful long term business and professional relation.

Combining all that with great results and exceeding their expectations... that is why clients come back and I have the proven record with the high satisfactions scores that I have!!!

I always try to work with the client's resources and economical capabilities to ensure that the project complies with her/his budget (to the greatest extend possible as posted in the pricing scheme), by trading personal flexibility and allowances for discounted rates.

So do you want to get things done having a great experience in the process? Then, just send me a message (or let's connect through LinkedIn) and start experiencing and learning about what we can accomplish together.

Commitment to Improvement and Achievement

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV comes from a family of engineers, and considers engineering as his calling: close to a religion and a way of life.

As a classical musician that spends a lifetime improving his skills, optimizing her/his music by working on the interpretation of every piece and optimizing it, year after year, I believe engineering, and all other crafts, should be experienced and treated in the same manner, as that is the key of achieving excellence through professional and personal fulfillment.

As part of my continuing skill and experience optimization, I find it critical to have all knowledge available as fast as possible, so I use several methodologies to ensure that is the case (super summaries, self-discipline, organizational schemes, advanced note-taking, mnemonic systems, brain-training, healthy lifestyle), which has allowed me to quick access of knowledge, remembering important experience-based lessons and recovering old skills fast as possible. 

The previously mentioned has allowed me to further advance my education in other topics not necessarily in the technology domain like social media, marketing, accounting in order to provide a more comprehensive approach and analysis to everything I do, and provide clients with different approaches that other freelancers might not be familiar with.

Transparency in Work Dynamics, Rules and Pricing

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

Perhaps the main recipe of my successful relationship with clients has been being straightforward and set the right expectations with clients right from the beginning, so when an extraordinary situation arises, we both know how to deal with it, without going through any inconveniences and bad times.

As a result of several years of experience with clients, I have generated this FAQ, that contains answers to the most commonly asked questions and I use it as my modus operandi. It gathers solutions and lessons acquired from previous experiences in order to avoid pitfalls and ensure client satisfaction. It also ensures that the client knows what to expect and everybody knows that they will be treated the same.

As a general rule and part of my commitment of seeing my clients succeed, I like to work with my client's economy. I provide flexible pricing that is based on allowances in work dynamics that improve my quality of life, which I do reward with the discounted rates, if my client allows them. Note that the pricing scheme page does not only contains the allowances that I might ask, but why do I ask this allowances. Also there is the FAQ for freelancing / contract work that attempts to answer the other questions. If you still have any question, by all means, please contact me.

Not surprisingly, these allowances result in high performance, since they are factors that I know from the past that have maximized my well being, which has resulted in higher focus, concentration and genuine care for the well being and maintenance of long term relationships with clients.

Engineering / Development / Technical Experience

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

With more than 15 years of professional experience and education combined, I have worked in various projects, that required multiple skills, adaptability and knowledge of a broad range of technological systems that encompassed both hardware and software.

Some of these include (but not limited to):

  • Creation of PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) parameter automated acquisition solutions (control systems) and evaluation of circuitry for hardware defect in communication peripherals (UART).
  • Design, creation and maintenance of automated/intelligent test systems (fault detection based on statistics analysis).
  • Full stack web design using the most effective and commonly used technologies nowadays: Angular2/Angular4 (NodeJS, NPM), Flask/Django (Python), PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Bootstrap4, AWS, Docker, NGINX, and others.
  • Troubleshooting image processing systems and artificial intelligence for autonomous ground vehicle used for a U.S. national robotics competition in the Selfridge National Military Base in Michigan.
  • Communication packet analysis/development (programming) for different protocols and stacks (TCP/IP, NTP, MODBUS, LTE, proprietary).
  • FPGA, microcontroller and circuit modeling for various applications:, signal filtering (sensor input processing), control for brushless motors, as well as providing and designing complete documentation (schematics, operations, setups) for the previously mentioned applications.
  • GPIB automated data acquisition, XML based DSL (Domain-Specific Language) and remote control system for Agilent / HP4541A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer.
  • Cloud configuration management with Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AIM, EC2, RDS, S3.
  • Design, development and publishing of Android and iPhone applications (from zero to app store publishing).
  • Programming for embedded / real-time life critical systems using C / C++ and assembly language for industrial applications in the U.S. Power and Energy / Industrial Automation sector, and other applications like highly meta-templated libraries with cache aware / hardware aware computations for database query engine processing systems (Google Supersonic).
  • Creation/development of monitoring systems: keyboard loggers (and detectors), screen capturers (and detectors) on Windows OS computers and anti-monitoring systems.
  • On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimizations (SEO): content generation strategies, marketing/social media strategies.
  • Perl, Bash, Lua script creation for system task automations.
  • Document automation using VB.NET and Windows Forms.
  • Creation of documentation, specifications and requirements for test terminals worth 200,000 USD per unit.
  • And many others...

All these and other experiences can be reviewed in my professional / work experience, research / relevant activities and my contract / freelancer work history.

You need me to tell you about a particular experience in more detail? Then let's talk!! Send me a message, so we can setup a meeting. 

U.S. Based Education and Professional Experience

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

I am one of those who believe that self-directed and continuing education is the true path to mastery (constant improvement). This can clearly be seen in OnlineEduReview: initiative to guide and inform the Internet community regarding the most effective, efficient and economical ways to acquire skills. Nevertheless, it never hurts to have a core education and all professional experience, before becoming a full-time freelancer, based on one of the most trustworthy educational systems, when it comes to engineering, and in a place that ensures my proficiency in English (as Spanish is my native language), so we can have an effective and frictionless communication.

This point is being made, not because of the quality of education (once again, true mastery is achieved by ourselves and it is maximized when we are in control, which is the premise of OnlineEduReview), but because having all my formal engineering education in English means that I don't need to perform mental translation to talk about technical and advanced terms with English-speaking clients.

So if you want to give a shot to my english proficiency, please do not hesitate to contact me, and we can set up a Skype meeting (or any other service you might want to use for such purpose).

Continuing Education and Training

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

In a fast paced world, where competition and higher innovation bring better approaches and ways to proceed for all of us, having a freelancer that is committed to learn all of these and more is crucial to ensure the longevity, competitiveness and scalability of any application you might consider implementing.

Every freelancer should always measure the heartbeat of innovation, new methodologies and tendencies all the time, to offer clients solutions that a regular employee might not offer. Additionally, every freelancer should also improve and update the skills that she or he currently have, as they are also constantly changing and improving to adapt to new challenges and realities (new versions, new iterations, upgrades, etc).

The greatest freelancers are in constant pursue of knowledge, as better approaches result in higher client satisfaction, in more contracts done, and in overall success.

Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV is constantly learning new technologies and additional skills as it can be seen on his listing of UDemy courses taken and OnlineEduReview blog, where he reviews courses he takes, in order to provide the Internet community with the best, most efficiency, most effective and most economical ways to get continuing education. He is also a long-term subscriber of Safari Books Online the biggest library of technology books, where he has access to the latest educational knowledge on any technological topic, and constantly references.

Swiss Army Knife Engineer

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

A personal goal I have professionally is to become a Swiss-Army Knife Engineer, the best one there is. Not only because I realized that the more skills that I have the more I am able to accomplish for my client and myself, but because I realized through the years of experience that is the best honest way to provide a better service by not being bias about a particular skill in order to get a contract.

Many tend to believe that being a Swiss-Army Knife Engineer means that an engineer does not posses high specialization in any area (i.e. Jack of all trades, master of none).

Nevertheless, by definition, a "Swiss-Army Knife" is a knife above it all outstanding knife, and then, the rest. You don't buy the Swiss-Army Knife for the toothpick it comes with, you buy it mainly for the knife, but the toothpick is always a good addition and a life-saver if you need it. Well, as it can be seen in my CV, and my Primary Skills and Secondary Skills list, I clearly state my specializations, and others technological tools in which I had experience and I am somewhat proficient. Additionally, Skill Assessments show that I have top-notch worldwide certified proficiency (top 10% worldwide in most of them and from several certification authorities) in many of the ones tested (and others which I didn't have the time to test).

Additionally, because great, honest and freelancers that offer a frictionless overall experience are hard to find (which I pride myself of being, as it can be seen in the testimonials section), clients rather stick with a freelancer that they trust as long as she or he can show the proficiency (not even the best just good enough) than give a shot to a specialist they are unfamiliar with. At the beginning of a project this is an excellent way reducing risks, as I find out that the main complain from most of my clients have been working with bad freelancers. Therefore I try to provide a broad range of technical skills (and provide the necessary proofs of proficiencies, through skill assessments, but because of availability is not always possible), in order to ensure the client maintains the great experience that I am more than confident that I can provide, and avoid them having to take unnecessary risks.

Support / Commitment to the Freelancing, Online/Remote Business and Education Communities

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

As stated in mission statement, it is a personal mission of mine to empower individuals and companies.

Additionally, since I have gained so much from the Internet, I think it is just fair to give back so others can grow, as it happened with me.

Therefore I maintain 6 blogs that are instrumental in fulfilling my mission statement:

  • Freelanstyle (opportunity made ubiquitous / the freelancer lifestyle): The ultimate guide/resource for distributed/remote freelancing, contractual work and the gig/task economy, for both clients and service providers.
  • Magnobusiness (distributed/online work, business and entrepreneurship): the ultimate gude/resource for distributed/remote work, business, entrepreneurship and making money online in general.
  • OnlineEduReview (Education right to the point): The ultimate guide/resource for getting the most economic, efficient and practical remote/online education and training.
  • The Blog contains supplementary/technical/hands-on material fore Freelanstyle, Magnobusiness, OnlineEduReview and Workavel, as well as covering science, technology and engineering in general.
  • jprdvTheCorner contains the personal/editorial/opinion section of the site.

So helping and empowering individuals and companies is a concrete and undergoing mission that I have, that I do because of principle. As the Internet and it's community have helped me to get to this point and continue to improve not only my life, but yours as well, I want to lead the way to others, as many in the community have done with me.

At this point, I would like to personally ask you to support me by connecting (following, subscribing, etc.) with me in social media (where I post all the material of these 5 blogs in a single stream through so I can get my message to a broader audience:

Thank you beforehand for helping me spread the word.

Let's Connect!!!

IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status. 

As professionals we all win when we get connect!!! Connect with me on LinkedIn regardless of your choice of freelancer!!! There is no loss for any of us and so much to gain from it.

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IMPORTANT: See Current Status / Availability section above for the current service status.