Mainly focused on reviewing online education resources (focusing on professional education and non-traditional academia), in order to help the community find the best, most effective and economical means of getting an outstanding education (or learn a particular skill) based on their necessities in order to reach new heights in their professional or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Freelancing / Contract Work


Everything freelancer related (the new paradigm of work of the 21st century), from advice about the business (for freelancers and clients), experiences (the good and the bad), interviews, the lifestyle, tips and everything that can help the freelancing community flourish.

Business / Entrepreneurship


Provides advice, articles, tutorials, discussions and help for entrepreneurs and businessman (focusing on the personal, small-size to mid-size businesses) in order to help them become the greatest, most resourceful, and wisest business men out there, especially at the beginning of their journey... to help them become: Magnopreneurs... the one that dominates every part of her/his business, and knows how to get her/his vision ahead.

Technology / Engineering / Science / Research Blog

Contains articles, tutorials, discussions, news, etc about technology, engineering, science, research and perhaps a relevant random topic here and there. Used by Juan Pablo Rodriguez to share, teach and get feedback about his craft and to give back to the community.