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jprdv.com is Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV personal site.

jprdv.com aims to be the ultimate, definite and integrated resource/solution (services, products, media/content) to empower individuals and companies to learn, do business and/or work online.

Online Business Creation/Expansion/Migration to Remote-first, Remote-centric Business Model / Dynamics

The Internet has shifted our life in many ways (generally for the better). Most importantly, it has empowered us in a way that we can achieve more as individual and/or small groups than ever before. To the point that creating a business is something that you can entirely do on your own, as social media can magnify our message and our voice so it can be heard all over the world, and many internet services/applications have automated and/or made accessible many business requirements and tasks that previously would have been impossible to perform without huge investment and/or high risk. Thanks to the Internet, the risk and investment required to create a business on your own have never been lower. But as everything in life, it is better to know what you are doing ... and fortunately, we are here to be the reliable resource you are looking for.

Whether you:

  • Want to create a business entirely on your own (solopreneurship) or with a small group (persona/individual, small business, mid-size business)
  • Already have a business and you would like to maximize and/or create an online presence to reach new markets/clients
  • Would like to diversity your company earnings by generating alternative revenue streams
  • Would like to migrate into a remote-first, remote-centric business model (i.e. save on office space/services, flexible workforce, improved quality of life, etc.)

we can provide you with the know-how, information, tools and/or experience that you require to achieve any of these.

Alternative/Additional Online Income Stream Creation

Making additional income streams online has never been easier, more accessible and a better idea.

Whether you:

  • Are an individual or a company that want to generate your entire income over the Internet
  • Would like to make a little of extra cash on the side (i.e. making money online from home, the office, or any place where you have access to the Internet)
  • Would like to generate multiple income streams as a diversification strategy for your household or company.
  • Would like to find a way to monetize on your hobbies, non-conventional skills and/or passions

there are a variety of services and tools which we consider can help you create earnings based on the above mentioned. We would like to provide you with the best of our knowledge, creativity and resources to help you create alternative income streams (one or multiple) based on your capabilities, your equity, how much would you like to spend and how much do you want to make.

Product Specification, Development, Outsourcing and Supplying

The Internet has made possible the development, maintenance and scalability of software applications and systems (web apps, mobile apps, complex software/hardware infrastructure) for anybody anywhere, even those without technical skills, formal education or economical possibilities. It is the great human equalizer and provider of opportunities of the the recent time.

When it comes to physical businesses, now you can find suppliers around the globe that otherwise you wouldn't have heard of, or offer your products to new markets and/or export your goods. Many individuals and companies are creating new innovative services that facilitate these ideas.

Whether you:

  • Are an individual or a company with an idea or a vision looking to create an app, service or software product.
  • Are looking to have partial development performed by freelancers / remote / external workers.
  • Are looking to find better suppliers for your physical business
  • Are looking to find more customers for your products

we can provide you with the necessary resources, information and know-how to help you in this purpose.

Education, Training and Skill Acquisition (Remote / Online)

Because of the Internet, there is an almost unlimited source of educational resources. Online courses (free/paid), MOOC (massively online open courses), tutorials, books, interactive experiences, etc. are available and being created every day, in many languages and using different approaches. The variety is truly impressive.

At this point, the problem is not the access, but selecting the right material and resource that will get you what you want efficiently, cheaply and effectively.

For example, there are free resources that can provide you information, resources and everything you need to achieve your goals, as there are paid resources which can simply be an scam and get you in a never ending spiral of having to purchase additional material to slowly get what you want. 

But how do you choose which one is which? Well, we let us tell you the answers.

Based on your goal, we can help you get the education, skills and training that you want, the way that you want and with the budget you have in mind.

Whether you:

  • Are looking to learn a skill from scratch and don't know how to start
  • Would like to complement the knowledge you already have in the most efficient manner
  • Would like to achieve certain goal, but you don't know what skills/education or training you will need

we have you covered and we will provide you the information that you need. We believe in you and would like to assist you in your preparation.

Remote Contract/Freelanging Work, Distributed/Remote Project Management and Dynamics

Remote is the new paradigm of work of the 21st century, and it is something that is here to stay. It provides great savings to client and companies, an improved high-quality of life and alternative earning potential in general.

But although this tendency has been around for several years and has been growing exponentially, there are a lot of misconceptions, bad practices, ineffective methods that are used which result in bad experiences, for both clients and workers.

The issue is not only that remote/distributed project management is a new territory for many, but that there is a wealth of new tools, resources, practices that are changing and evolving the craft as we speak ... that are not being leveraged correctly or at all.

Things get more complicated as the project involves multiple teams around the world. With teams that perhaps speak different languages and/or come from different cultures,  you have to be ready, prepared and know how to deal with situations as they arise and make distributed development an extraordinary experience for you.

Since we have been doing this for many years successfully now, and we have been helping others do it the correct way with outstanding results, we are certain we can help you.

Additionally, all these "remote lifestyle" has brought a lot of ways in which you (client or worker) can make your qualify of life extremely high, by traveling, having new experiences, acquiring new useful hobbies. We would like to help you pursuing that (as with education) in the most effective, cheap, efficient manner, but also with pleasantness. 

Whether You:

  • Are an individual looking to perform to do remote work and don't know how to start
  • Are a client looking to hire a remote worker and don't know how to manage her/him
  • Are a company and would like to develop a project using multiple teams distributed across the globe and would like to optimize the overall process
  • Don't know how to maximize your remote/distributed experience (either as a remote worker or remote business owner)
  • Don't know how to attract, select and have the best talent always available, or attract the best clients out there

we can help you, there is a new world of new experiences with new trends like becoming a digital nomad, taking workations, etc. that we can help you take advantage of in the best way.


If you or your company want to reach new heights using the full-capabilities, resources and conveniences that the Internet provides, then you are in the right place.

Because Online Empowers!!

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